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Thank you for supporting the Sponsor A Family MN program!

In 2013 we matched 503 families, or 2,258 individuals with sponsors who shopped for them for the holidays.  We served another 328 individuals with Emergency gifts.

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Sponsor A Family MN is a non-denominational nonprofit organization that matches families in need with Sponsors who anonymously shop for them for the holidays.

All "in need" families are pre-approved by qualified pre-selected case managers, and truly need your help.  Sponsors can be Individuals, Businesses, Community organizations, Churches, Religious Organizations or anyone who wants to help.

 So how does it work?

Each year case managers review their clients and pre-approve participation in the program.  The clients fill out a "wish list" of 2-3 needed items, and are matched with kind-hearted Sponsors who shop for them for their needs.  The second week of December Sponsors drop their gifts at our warehouse location where they are picked up by grateful families the following weekend.  The entire program is anonymous, providing the receiving families with the dignity they deserve.

Interested in helping? Check back this fall for Program details.  If you are interested in helping now by making a donation, it can be sent to the following address:

Sponsor A Family MN                                                                                                                                      PO Box 582793                                                                                                                                              Mpls MN 55458

Donations should be made made to Sponsor A Family MN and are fully tax deductible.



Thank you for partnering with us to make this program possible.....


2014 Program Dates: Dec 8-15








Thank you to our many sponsors that make Sponsor A Family possible.

Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet Ministries

CSM Corporation

Ryan Construction

Prior Lake Rental

TLC Toys

Manhattan Toys

Burg Golf

AC Carlson

Pepsi Corporation

Hats and Mittens

Captain Ken's

Pepperidge Farm

Aspire Beverages


BI Worldwide

Ryder Trucking


Free Bikes 4 Kids (FB4K)

Wells Fargo